Unnaipol Oruvan Songs Mp3 Download

  1. 03. Vaanam Ellai... Illai - Unnai Pol Oruvan.mp3
  2. 02. Nilai Varumaa - Unnai Pol Oruvan.mp3
  3. 01. Unnai Pol Oruvan - Unnai Pol Oruvan.mp3
  4. 04. Allah Jane - Unnai Pol Oruvan.mp3
  5. 05. Allah Jane (Part 2) - Unnai Pol Oruvan.mp3
Kamal Haasan’s ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’, a remake of Bollywood hit ‘A Wednesday’, is undoubtedly one of the most awaited movie of this season and proves to be a true reflection of a common man’s anger against Terrorism. It is an honest outburst of anger from ‘the son-of-the soil’ against mass killing in the name of Jihaad.

Kamal Haasan plays the protagonist against the terrorism. The hero’s objective gets revealed only in the second half until then the audience mind rolls with inquisitiveness what and why is the hero plotting against the police and the public. Mohan Lal plays the role of a commissioner. The audience gets engrossed with this character and empathize the Predicament a commissioner goes through from the hands of Power, Politics and Public.


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